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No Battery Water Faucet 3 Color Glow LED Temperature Sensor Tap

Venditore: Serier Electronics

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Cod.: BG-25508

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No Battery Water Faucet Glow LED Temperature Sensor Tap

This is LED temperature sensor tap, made from Chromate & ABS material, very durable and easy to clean.
Water saving design, in the connnection of top, setting  water saving and filter systems.

Special and inte
resting design, It can change the LED's color according to the temperature of the water.

1.Green : When water is Cold (temperature below 30°C)
2.Blue : When water is Warm (temperature is 30°C - 35°C)
3.Red : When water is Hot (temperature above 35°C)

Specification :

Material : Chromate+ABS
LED Color : Sensor color changing
Shell Color : Silver bright
Surface Treatment : Water plating
Type : Can be connected to shower head with adapters
Size of adapters : M24 x 1mm(2.4) & M20 x 1mm(2.0) outer screw thread attached
Product size : 56 x 28mm (H x Dia)
Package Included:

1 x Water Glow LED Faucet
1 x Universal adapter from external screw thread (2.3cm in diameter)

1 x Universal adapter from external screw thread (2 cm in diameter)

Details Pictures :

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